This Website Is Hosted On GreenGeeks (Canada Datacenter)

Hi, us again.

We at firmly believe in providing hosting reviews that are as genuine as possible.

And really. What better way to really get to know a host brand, than to set up a test site that’s hosted by it?

That’s what you’ve stumbled on today. What you’re looking at is our test site that we used to inform our review on GreenGeeks.

We wanted to be sure to get up-close and personal with GreenGeek’s hosting capabilities.

GreenGeeks has been in biz for 11 years, with a management team that claims 40 years of experience providing high quality website hosting. Customers should expect the ‘best of breed’ server hardware, cutting-edge software offerings and top notch support.

They have 5 data centers, currently located in Phoenix, Chicago, Toronto, Montreal and Amsterdam.

One of their big USPs is their focus on positive energy footprint. sThey replace (with wind power credits) 3x the amount of energy your site uses. Pretty neat!

At Bitcatcha, we believe that the 2 most important things to any website host are Speed and Uptime. You’ll find a tracker of both at the bottom of this page (set up back in May 2019 and accumulating data ever since).

Let’s take a closer look.

Which Plan Is This Site Using?

We are hosted on Ecosite Starter

We’ve signed this site up for GreenGeek’s Ecosite Starter on a 12 month plan. Oh, and hosted from their Canada server.

Their Ecosite Starter plan is their lowest plan and, in their words, the ‘best value’. We installed WordPress through cPanel’s Softaculous installer. The introductory price for this Ecosite Starter plan goes as follows:


They also offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

Results: GreenGeeks Uptime (May 2019 – Today)

We started monitoring this website since May 2019. For every 5 minutes, the monitor will send a ping to this website and record its response. The data below shows the accumulating uptime data ever since the monitor is activated. The data is rounded to the nearest 2 decimal points.

(Tracked with

Results: GreenGeeks Server Speed Test Results

  • Rating: A+
  • Worldwide Average Speed: 178.6 ms
  • Average Speed in United States and Canada: 31.3 ms
  • See The Full Report